The Top 10 advantages of Using Automated Trading in Forex

1. There is no learning curve, since prior knowledge of the Forex market is not required. Traders do not need to learn about trading methods or systems in order to trade, they can simply rely on the tested strategies of the automated systems.

2. There is no down time due to the learning process. Traders can start earning from the very first day they adopt automated trading.

3. One can effectively remove emotion and guesswork from trading, making fear and greed no longer an issue.

4. Traders can let professional strategies do the work for them, allowing experts to manage their money.

5. Even if traders have no time to study the market in detail, they are still able to participate in it.

6. One can capitalize on opportunities 24 hours a day: when using automated trading, one doesn’t need to always look for the next trade. Traders can remain calm while the automated system constantly scans the market for opportunities.

7. There are advanced risk management options, since traders can actually build their own personal hedge funds by choosing signal sets they prefer and the number of lots assigned to them.

8. Regardless of whether traders are working at their day jobs or sleeping, they can rest assured that their money is constantly working for them. All they need to do is choose their preferred trading systems.

9. Once a profitable system is developed, all one needs to do is find it. There is a wide selection of automated trading systems from which to choose. At any one time, thousands of traders and programmers are working to create new and better systems; in automated trading, all one has to do is to find and choose the best of them.

10. By freeing up traders’ time, automated trading allows them to focus on improving their strategies and money management rules.
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