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5 Reasons Why You’re Trading Forex Wrong

1. You don’t have a trading strategy.
The biggest mistake you can make while trading Forex is trying to trade without a well-structured trading strategy.
Trading without a plan can result in letting your emotions control your trading, cause you to make impulsive decisions and give in to your biases. The most common result is missing out on market breakouts and trend reversals.

2. You aren’t patient enough.
Being patient while trading is crucial if you want to be profitable.
Maintaining discipline and being patient while trading, especially during volatile market conditions will certainly determine the fate of your trading account.
If you fail to patiently stick to your trading strategy and close a losing trade out of fear in the spur of the moment instead of waiting for the trades to reach their initial goal you are putting yourself up for failure and will surely lose.


3. Failing to Adapt to the Market.
The Forex market is not static. It’s actually very far from it.
Because of this instability, you must develop your skills to recognize changes in market volatility, keep up with financial news releases and telling apart a market trend from a market change. Failing to adapt to the markets and updating your trading strategy accordingly will surely prevent you from being a profitable trader and will result in losses and frustration.

4. Your account balance is too low.
Most novice traders start with an account that is too small, to “try it out” or “get to know the markets” without risking too much capital. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to make any profits with a very small account, because risking too little per trade stops you from properly being invested in a trade and prevents you from profiting.


5. You don’t know what you’re doing.
If you want to be a profitable trader, you must first learn to trade properly - which means you need to establish a solid trading strategy that includes entry and exit points along with appropriate stop losses that are suitable for your account size. You must also learn how to properly manage your money, have the discipline to stick to your plan, know how to analyze the market changes or trades, etc.
Without the sufficient knowledge on all these topics you cannot expect to be a profitable Forex trader.

Trading Forex is not for everyone. It takes a set of skills you must work hard on getting in order to avoid trading wrong. All the mistakes mentioned above can easily prevent you from being a profitable trader.

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