Get started by copying experienced traders

DupliTrade’s strategy providers are all experienced traders with proven track records. They trade on their own accounts with real funds and with regulated brokers. They are all carefully selected in order to provide our clients with only the best choice when it comes to automated trading.

For each strategy there is a general description, full statistical data and trading characteristics that will assist you to choose the strategies most suited to your criteria.

Once you have decided which strategies you want to copy, you can easily track and monitor closed and open trading activity at any time from your My Account page.

Strategy Net P/L % Net Profit Trades Win % Profit Factor Weeks Followers Chart  
Legacy 558.73 % $57,080.52 21218 47.49% 1.19 490 1247
Spark 151.72 % $SGD 75,859.06 993 69.08% 1.4 70 715
Aurora 161.64 % $32,328.30 14711 65.39% 1.23 74 661
Garnet 57.58 % €2,303.01 1745 66.65% 1.19 55 622
Apollo 233.94 % $5,848.40 2184 80.22% 1.22 287 571
Compass 38.62 % $4,996.24 1817 79.75% 2.08 18 547
Pearl 147.03 % $38,164.87 28733 47.56% 1.17 187 452
Amber 46.67 % $233,363.21 2297 58.99% 1.14 70 292
Emerald -61.85 % -$1,204.64 1157 89.8% 0.95 90 286
Carbon -127.20 % -$19,080.34 963 84.11% 0.89 65 195

Trade like a pro from the very beginning

DupliTrade’s platform gives its traders the opportunity to start following experienced strategy providers with a minimal setup process, so that they can start profiting like professionals do from their very first transactions.

One of DupliTrade biggest advantages is the ability to view the strategy’s historical data on a trade by trade basis. All our registered clients can view the entire trading data and get valuable insights on the strategies they are coping, thereby learning how the strategies behave.

Other advantages of DupliTrade’s automated platform:


Copying trades of one or more strategies will open a variety of options, in terms of not having to limit trades to:

  • Instruments (Currencies, Commodities, Indices)
  • Trading method (Robotic, Semi-automated, manual)
  • Trading frequency (30 - 800 trades a month)
  • Trading type (Technical, Fundamental, Pivot Point)
  • Trading style (Trend, Swing, Intraday)

Limit potential losses:

In many cases, new traders are entering the market and trading with real money without having sufficient information or planning a strategy beforehand. Monitoring the activities of more advanced traders is a great way to learn the markets while preventing losses during the learning curve.


DupliTrade offers a powerful simulator to enable users to perform unlimited simulations of various strategies, time periods and fund allocation. The results allow users to constantly trial different combinations before committing to a future copy setting on the account.