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What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a form of automated trading where you copy experienced traders’ actions. Copy trading has been increasing in popularity for the past few years, and it seems more and more people see the benefits of using copy trading for trading the markets.

Here are the top 5 benefits of copy trading in 2018:

1. Time Saving.
Technical and financial analysis are crucial parts of profitable trading. So crucial that you can’t expect to be profitable without practicing them on a daily basis. Learning how to analyze the markets can be very time consuming.
With Copy trading you basically copy the trades of experienced traders that put their own time in to analyzing the markets and save you these huge amounts of time.

2. Safety.
When you are coping the trading activity of other traders, you don’t need to transfer your funds under the name of any 3rd party (which happens with other investment methods).
You are simply allowing their actions to be copied to your own account, but your funds remain safe within your reach at all times.


3. Profitability.
Copy trading increases your odds of being a profitable trader. By Copying experienced traders, you eliminate the learning curve, in addition to benefiting from the experience of the trader you are copying which trade their own accounts and aim to be profitable as well of course.

4. Diversification.
Another benefit of copy trading is the opportunity to copy a few traders, each an expert in a different field. This grants you the possibility to create a much more diverse portfolio, one that you’d probably have to spend years just to master each of the fields/Markets on your own, should you chose to trade yourself.
Copy trading lets you skip these years of learning and start trading the various markets like an experienced trader from day one.


5. Adequate to all kind of traders.
Copy trading is beneficial for all traders, both new and veteran. How? New traders jump right in, copying experienced traders and learning from them along the way. But veteran traders can do it themselves, can’t they? Well yes, they can, but many prefer to save time by copying other experienced traders which they trust, saving them time and effort and even letting them learn new trading strategies which they didn’t know before.

Copy trading has made the financial markets considerably more accessible, by reducing the amount of time and knowledge it takes to become a successful trader.

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