DupliTrade was established in order to provide the best possible solution for automated trading across the full range of financial instruments, by enabling users to automatically duplicate the trades of strategy providers in their brokerage accounts.

DupliTrade provides clients with an advanced auto-execution mirror system, which allows clients to automate their trading on Forex, Indices and Commodities, by duplicating the trades of strategy providers, whose accounts are displayed in DupliTrade's site.

DupliTrade's clients can create their own robust portfolio based on the trading activity of the strategy providers they wish to follow.

In addition, clients have a range of money management options, designed to control their desired level of risk. Users can fully define trading parameters, including trade multiplier, as well as monitoring trades, positions and profit and loss, all in real time.

DupliTrade also provides email notifications for the trading activity.

All the accounts displayed on DupliTrade’s site are the real accounts of experienced traders, trading with real money.

DupliTrade: Automated Trading Made Simple.