We are approached by hundreds of candidate traders and are exposed to the elite of fund managers. To become a Strategy Provider, traders must pass a lengthy and transparent auditing process before they are activated for our customers. Many years of due diligence cycles have allowed us to refine the methodologies that we practice. Auditing is a constant and ongoing process to ensure that they continue to meet our quality standards.

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What does our audit process look like:

Step 1 - Technical feasibility and account authentication

  • We verify authenticity by a direct plugin to every candidate’s live trading account statements
  • Each candidate’s trading account will be tracked for months by our auditing team

Step 2 - Getting to know the people behind the traders

  • A set of interviews and discussions with the candidate traders take place to make sure their background and proficiency in the trading field is indeed genuine
  • Learning if they match our candidate profile, criteria and philosophy
  • Understanding their maturity both as individuals and as asset managers

Step 3 - Stress testing and simulations

  • We trial all systems for a long period before they can be considered to go live
  • We check the compatibility of the trading strategies to our platform
  • The months we audit allows us to see in real time how the traders react to macro economic events and the ever evolving markets

There are many platforms in the market that do not truly represent the customers yet offer dozens or even hundreds of traders to follow. Our proof is in the absolute shortlist of Experienced Traders that can be found on DupliTrade.

If you consider yourself as an experienced trader and want to prove your trading skills then contact us to become a verified Strategy Provider for DupliTrade.

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