This page provides answers to questions frequently asked about DupliTrade and the Live trading strategies offered on our platform. The questions have been divided to four different topics: General enquiries, Trading, Strategy providers and Services.

  • This section explains what DupliTrade is, how to get started and how to contact us.

      DupliTrade was established to provide the best possible automated trading solution. We provide our clients with a simple yet innovative way to automate their trading across the full range of financial markets.

      We bridge the gap between new traders with no experience, and market experts who have proven track records and vast experience. Our unique solution enables duplicating the trades of those expert traders who trade with their own money in their real trading accounts.

      Simply open a Free Demo account and get familiar with the DupliTrade interface. This way you will get acquainted with our platform and the markets before starting to trade with your money. You’ll be able to upgrade your Demo account to a Real one and begin trading at any time.

      • Gain access to market experts and duplicate their trading activity.
      • Get accustomed to the strategy providers’ trading techniques.
      • Learn from the best and watch how they operate.
      • Receive real-time email notifications and alerts.

      The DupliTrade platform is web based, there is no need to install any programs or download any files to use it.

      You can click here to contact us or send an email to

      If you need to retrieve your DupliTrade website password, please contact us.

      If you need to retrieve your MT4/5 account password, please contact your broker. Please make sure to notify us in advance in case you change your MT4/5 password, for as long as your account is linked to our platform.

  • This section contains a collection of answers to the most common questions people ask us about Trading.

      No, DupliTrade provides a technological solution for automated trading. In order to use our platform, you will need to set up a trading account with one of our regulated broker partners. The full list of our broker partners that are available in your country of residence can be found once you log in to your Demo account.

      • Simply register with Duplitrade and link your existing broker’s MT4/5 trading account or choose your preferred broker from the list of available brokers on your country.
      • Once you open your broker’s trading account fund it and you are good to go

      This might be possible with some of our broker partners, contact our team for further assistance.

      DupliTrade's automated demo account is web based only, there is no need to link a brokers' MT4/5 account to enjoy our demo. Only Real users should connect their MT4/5 account.

      All of the trading activity in your MT4/5 account will be automatically displayed on our website and as well as in your own broker's MT4/5 terminal.

      No. You will need to open a trading account with one of our regulated broker partners. Once you log in to your Demo account you can find the availability of the brokers in your country of residence.

      Yes. You can choose the currency according to what your broker offers.

      Yes, you can open new trades manually as well as close/modify any of the strategy providers’ positions at any time through the broker's MT4/5 terminal/App.

      DupliTrade is a platform that helps you automate your trading. We do not have any control over your funds, which you deposit straight to your broker’s account with one of our regulated broker partners. This is the reason we work only with regulated brokers, to ensure the safety of your money.

      Yes. There is no lock-down period, you can withdraw at any time for any reason. You just need to give a direct order to the broker and you can make as many partial withdrawals as you need. You can also completely withdraw all your investment in your personal broker’s MT4/5 account.

      This can be done anytime via the duplication settings page. Once you de-select a strategy, no new trades will be generated, but open trades are still handled by the strategy provider. Note that clients with Real accounts have the option to manually override any trade via the MT4/5 platform.

  • This section explains who our strategy providers are, and how you can automate your trades by copying them.

      DupliTrade’s strategy providers are market experts with many years of proven results, which are all trading in their own real MT4/5 accounts with their real money. These experts have been carefully chosen after a long evaluation process by DupliTrade’s team.

      Users can view real-time positions, get email updates, weekly reports and enhanced trading analysis. You can create your own tailored portfolio based on our selection of strategy providers, and automatically duplicate their trades directly to your own MT4/5 account with your broker of choice.

      Yes. All the strategy providers trade in Real trading accounts, with their own deposited money.

      Yes, it is completely Live. Real trades are visible to all active users in real-time. With our cutting-edge technology, we enable you to duplicate the experts as they apply their trading strategies over various assets.

      After experimenting with a free Demo, you can set up your own preferences and fully automate your trading portfolio in your Real MT4/5 account.

      Yes. Executions and trade modifications will be automatically reflected in your own account, without any further intervention by you. You can always take charge of the trades and manually modify or close any open trade in your account using your MT4/5 platform.

  • This section contains information about the services we provide, fees and general information that you might want to know.

      Yes, you can sign up for a 30-day Free Demo account with no obligations. Our trial account helps you get acquainted with our automated trading solution Demo, we invite you to contact our team and learn more. You can also back test various portfolio strategies on our simulator.

      Demo accounts are a real time virtual simulation of the strategy providers’ trading results and your mirroring setup for each strategy provider you follow.

      Our Demo accounts are not linked with your broker’s MT4/5 and are subjected to trading executions by the broker each strategy provider uses.

      Please note that in Real accounts, execution of the trades is handled by their broker and not necessarily by the broker the strategy provider uses, therefore we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy during trades execution.

      During our Free 30-day Demo you can monitor your real-time automated Demo portfolio. You will also receive e-mail notifications for closed trades.

      Our Real account clients enjoy cutting edge technology that provides swift execution of the trading activity carried out by the strategies which they chose to follow, directly to their broker’s MT4/5 account. Real clients also get free e-mail notifications for both the opening and closing of trades, as well as assistance and tech support from our skilled team.

      DupliTrade, as a referring broker, receives an IB fee from the brokers based on the activity of our referred accounts. We pay a success fee to the strategy providers, only for profitable trades they execute. Strategy providers are not paid for losing trades.

  • This section contains information about the cost structures, fees and general information that you might want to know.

      There are no set-up fees or monthly charges for using our services.

      The minimum initial deposit to your brokerage account should be $2,000 or currency equivalent.

      The spreads offered to our clients, by our partnered brokers, are standard retail industry spreads.

      A performance fee is a payment made to an investment manager for generating positive returns

      No, not all strategy providers at DupliTrade charge performance fees.In the event that a profit fee is relevant this will be seen within the strategy data page.

      Performance Fees are calculated and charged periodically. A Performance Fee is deducted based on the extent to which total aggregate profit has been achieved considering all closed and open positions, subject to a High Watermark.

      The High Watermark is based on the highest value that a client account has achieved. i.e. Performance Fees will only apply if the copier continues to increase their profits. The watermark is reset each time the copier increases their profits; the gain minus the performance fee will become the new benchmark. If a copier suffers losses, then the watermark will remain the same and Performance Fees will apply again when they've recovered those losses and made further profit.Profitability is sampled at a an agreed periodic cycle (typically monthly)