Strategy Providers Overview

This section displays real time information on the strategy provider.

Here you can see real time information on the trader’s account status. It includes:

  • Balance - The account balance
  • Net Profit – The net profit of all closed and current open positions with interests and commissions
  • Floating P/L – The net profit of the current open positions including interests and commissions.
  • Equity – The account current equity
  • Margin - The account used margin
  • Free Margin – The usable margin
  • Margin Level – The usable margin level in percent (Equity/Margin)

Market overview

This section displays real time data on the instruments being traded in the strategy provider.

You can see live quotes and charts of the relevant instruments as well as trading signals, which were generated in the strategy provider, on the charts.

There are four types of trading signals:

  • Open Buy - opening a long position
  • Open Sell (Short) - opening a short position
  • Close Buy - closing a long position
  • Close Sell (Cover) - closing a short position