Key Strategy Provider Features

Below are the key features for our strategy providers:

Strategy provider terms:

  • Balance - The account balance
  • Net Profit – The net profit of all closed and current open positions with interests and commissions
  • Floating P/L – The net profit of the current open positions including interests and commissions.
  • Equity – The account current equity
  • Margin - The account used margin
  • Free Margin – The usable margin
  • Margin Level – The usable margin level in percent (Equity/Margin)

Market Overview

You can see live quotes and charts of the relevant financial instruments and trading signals

There are four types of trading signals:

  • Open Buy - opening a long position
  • Open Sell (Short) - opening a short position
  • Close Buy - closing a long position
  • Close Sell (Cover) - closing a short position